• Penance


    "Those who approach the sacrament of Penance Obtain pardon from the mercy of God for the offense committed against Him and are at the same time reconciled with the Church, Which they have wounded by Their sins, and Which to charity, example, and prayer seeks Their conversion. (Lumen Gentium 11). "The Sacrament of Penance is psychologically probably the most difficult of all, but an important one - is called the sacrament of conversion because it sacramentally realizes the call of Jesus to conversion.

  • Surgical stainless steel soon in our offer!

    Cilice maded from surgical steel!

    We present the first model cilice, in standard dimensions, made from stainless steel, which is the material used for medical devices as well as a raw material for prostheses

  • Cilice - all about it


    a handful information

    The area that were produced the prototype of a hair shirt was a Cilicia - historical land in Southeast Asia.  In the past cilice were performed from hair of animals, today, with the progress of technology and our ability of iron ore deposits processing cilice  are made from various types of metals. This makes them more durable and stronger than its predecessors. However, even as durable require minimal maintenance.

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On my own way

For a long time I have been making devotional products for corporal mortification. When I first started, I made them for my own personal use. However, over time people began to ask me to make different things for them as a favour. So I decided to create this online shop. All the products are made by my own hands in my workshop. As you can see my prices are not expensive, unlike other places that offer supposedly "made by Italian nuns" cilice that charge exorbitantly high prices. Everything I make is completely individual and unique. That’s the reason making and sending these products to you brings me extraordinary joy.
God bless!